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Monday, January 4, 2010

LDS Consecrated Oil Vials - Shopping Made Easier

One of the earliest projects I made as I got in to wood turning was a little keyring consecrated oil vial, as a gift for some departing Mormon Missionaries - boys who were once little scouts in my boy scout troop. I was proud and wanted to give them something special. The parts are sold through Craft Supply as perfume vials, but they work just as well for essential oils, olive oil, or anything else like that, and living in the heart of Mormondom, I thought, why not market them as LDS Consecrated Oil Vials.

It turns out these oil vials have become one of my best sellers. I had started out by posting them at my gifts page, but its format doesn't lend itself to browsing and comparing different designs and woods, so I have launched a new page titled "Mike's Oil Vials By Design" which is devoted to making it simpler to shop specifically for LDS Consecrated Oil Vial keyrings.

I'm excited about the page - a new feature it has it that it allows you to select whatever wood you like, whatever shape you like, and place a completely custom order. It took a little time getting it all together, but now that it's up and running, I feel like a proud parent - check it out, and order one for yourself, and as a gift for every Mormon Elder or High Priest you know

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